BEST CCTV camera installation in Mumbai 2021 | GIZMO VISION

CCTV camera installation in Mumbai

BEST CCTV camera installation in Mumbai | GIZMO VISION

Nowadays, a CCTV camera installation is essential in every home, business, and other important premises. With an increasing misdemeanor, the CCTV cameras help you to protect your valuable property. Are you looking for CCTV camera installation in Mumbai or nearby Mumbai? Well, GIZMO VISION provides you the best security solutions for your requirements at an affordable cost. We are the best CCTV camera installers in Mumbai. Our well trained, experienced, and professional CCTV installation engineers will guide you in providing reasonable home security camera systems, commercial security camera systems, CCTV camera service, CCTV system repair, video surveillance installation, CCTV system repair, CCTV wireless installation, CCTV camera repair, and, CCTV camera dealers in Mumbai for homeowners, property owners, business owners.

Owning a CCTV camera system ensures that the surrounding of your home or business is under surveillance 24/7. The system also eliminates the necessity for additional on-site security staff. Hence, you do not require to pay out money on the additional security staff. Our top priority is to provide you the finest CCTV system in Mumbai that keeps you as well as your family safe with peace of mind. Our services can be modified and personalized to reach all your specifications and expectation.

The major aspect of installing a CCTV camera system is to choose the right spots for both camera and DVR to maximize camera coverage with minimization in cable length. For indoors, pick a corner where most entry points into the room are visible. A power socket must also be nearby. For outdoors, pick the highest spot covering the door, window approaches, garages, etc. Choose the spots above 10 feet’s so that they cannot be knocked down easily.

BEST CCTV camera installation in Mumbai | GIZMO VISION

Mounting the Camera:

Place the camera unit at the selected place, mark the required drilling points to drill efficiently. Drill holes properly and hammer in the screw moldings. Now, fit the camera in place firmly. After that insert the power cable of the camera in a socket.

Placing the DVR (Digital Video Recorder):

Digital Video Recorder of the CCTV unit is the place where the surveillance hard disk is present. Thus all your CCTV recordings live inside a DVR. We highly recommend you keeping the Digital Video Recorder inside a locked compartment so that even if an intruder spots the DVR, he or she cannot destroy the recordings. This is an essential step to make sure a bulletproof security system for your home and premises.

Managing Cables:

Map the pathway for all the cables from the cameras to the Digital Video Recorder unit. Use wire moldings to retain the wire safe and managed. Pin the molding along the path and place the Siamese surveillance cable inside.

Connecting the Wires:

The video cable is connected via a BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) port. Take off nearly 1.5cm of the outer covering of the video cable which should expose the braids. Fix the crimping barrel onto the cable in such a way that a wider diameter should face towards the end of the cable. Now take off the white insulator covering that is the innermost cable. Afterward, insert these exposed cables into the BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) port and screw the crimping barrel. The above steps help to make a secure connection. Now, connect the DVR output port to the screen on which you want the video feed.

Power on the system:

Start the system by powering ON the cameras followed by the display and the DVR that is Digital Video Recorder. Setup the Digital Video Recorder according to the user manual provided with it. Go and check every camera’s feed to ensure each camera is working properly as well as finely and providing the desired viewing angle.

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